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Tokyo 3-Piece Suit

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Arrives Friday, Mar 1
Description for Tokyo 3-Piece Suit

Elevate your winter style with our Tokyo 3-Piece Suit, the ultimate blend of elegance, comfort, and uniqueness. Crafted for travel and daily outings, its iconic İki İplik fabric is suitable for slightly cold weather, ensuring you look effortlessly chic. Embrace the extraordinary design for a modest yet striking fashion statement that guarantees comfort during all your activities.

Fabric: İki İplik (double thread fabric), celebrated for its wrinkle-free softness, modesty, and non-stick quality, ensures your comfort and style in every move.
Cardigan length: 130 cm
Pants length:
100 cm
White inner shirt length: 80 cm

The model in the photo is wearing size S-L.