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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Customers of Turkista have the privilege of 48-hour free delivery to every location in the UAE.

Your order will be shipped the next working day after you place it. During the checkout process, customers are required to input their complete and comprehensive address and contact details. Any missed details will halt the shipment and cause it to be delivered late. Your complete address, including city, area, building/house information, and mobile number, are critical for seamless delivery.

If there is any misunderstanding during the delivery process, the courier will call the customer directly for guidance. If you do not answer the phone, the delivery will be delayed until the next working day.


Once your order is in transit, you will be notified of your shipment status via email and text message. A tracking ID will be attached to your order.
Please make sure to provide your correct mobile number and be available to answer our call or call back if you missed it.

For more information about your order, reach out to us via:


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @Turkista